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WCF Tutorial: A Different Approach – Service Library

Service Library Now that we have defined our service interface – It’s time to implement it. We implement the service contract interface (IMathService) just like we would any other C# interface and the result is our service library. See below for the service library source code: using System.ServiceModel; using MathServiceInterface; using MathServiceInterface.DTOs; using MathServiceInterface.Enumerations; using… Read More »

WCF Tutorial: A Different Approach – Service Interface

Service Interface At the heart of this WCF solution is the Service Interface which describes the operations that our service supports. In addition, the service interface (contract) assembly also contains the DTOs and SOAP Faults that are to be exchanged over the wire. Personally, I like to organize this assembly by putting DTOs in a… Read More »

WCF Tutorial: A Different Approach – Introduction

Introduction Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a part of the .NET Framework which allows for rapidly building service-oriented applications. Personally, I believe the strongest aspect of WCF is the speed in which you can construct and deploy business applications which require a service oriented architecture (SOA) based solution. WCF is mainly for building SOAP-based web… Read More »

Building Duplex Services with WCF

Introduction To begin, consider non-duplex Request-Reply services. In non-duplex Request-Reply services, the client sends a request to the server and the server in turn replies with a response to the client. Another noteworthy characteristic of non-duplex Request-Reply services is that the client is always the one to initiate communication between the two parties. In duplex… Read More »