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The .NET BackgroundWorker class and You

Introduction My personal favorite class of the .NET Framework is the BackgroundWorker class. The BackgroundWorker class provides an easy way for a programmer to execute a time-consuming operation on a separate background thread while providing a simple way to communicate progress, completion and other information about the background operation to the thread which started the… Read More »

Building Duplex Services with WCF

Introduction To begin, consider non-duplex Request-Reply services. In non-duplex Request-Reply services, the client sends a request to the server and the server in turn replies with a response to the client. Another noteworthy characteristic of non-duplex Request-Reply services is that the client is always the one to initiate communication between the two parties. In duplex… Read More »

Proper Etiquette for using MySQL in C# (Part of 2 of 3) – Parameterized Queries

In the first installment of this three part series I covered why properly managing resources related to database activity is so important. In this second part, I will discuss how using parameterized queries (also known as prepared statements) will improve the performance as well as increase the security of your application. Again the examples are… Read More »

Bit Processing in C#

As a .NET programmer, how do you check if a bit is set within a byte? How do you set, unset or toggle a bit? How do you get the binary string representation of a byte? Well for most of those questions, the answer is to use the same bit-twiddling methods that C/C++ programmers are… Read More »

Example of the Usefulness of IronPython

Previously I wrote about the basics of setting up and working with IronPython. In that post, I briefly talked about why one would want to use it in their .NET applications. I stated that the biggest reason to use IronPython would be to add dynamic business logic into your .NET application. However, my first post… Read More »

IronPython Sample Application

I first learned that I had a passion for programming via an undergraduate course that all Mathematics majors pursuing the Bachelor of Science option were required to take. The course used the Python programming language which I rather enjoyed using. When I heard that their was an open-source implementation of the language that was integrated… Read More »

Combating the lag of the WinForms ProgressBar

Did your mother ever tell you that appearances aren’t everything? Well, she was wrong. When it comes to much of the user experience of software, appearances are everything. Imagine if you have a User Interface (UI) with a progress bar and you have an event that is triggered when the process monitored by the progress… Read More »